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Found 12 results

  1. styla

    DotA Imba Legends

    Version 6.63t14


    Know issues: - some combinations of skills can't be picked (and are not forbidden combinations). - new heroes skills aren't balanced (too weak)
  2. играю через айкап создал тут учетку активировал в игре все работало сегодня опять выкинуло просит опять авторизоваться а я не помню нужный код что делать ?
  3. Game playing rules: 1. If a player is kicked or rage quits, you are NOT allowed to just take all the items for yourself without asking first. Ask your team if you can have a specific item or team sell. Sometimes the other players will say that you can have it all because they have all they need. But you have to ask first. 2. Ban when a player destroys his items and then leave. Note: Stats are recorded, leaver kills aren't recorded. Please don't invoke the old rules like 'storm ulti abuse' or fake forum rules. Please don't invoke "Roshan killing from edge"!
  4. Alex


    please unban me nik name Ghost_Itachi
  5. leavers should be not banned , if a player leave im happy he give up i beat him , why ban , should be free game , ban should be just mh , antigame and so on but no leaving . leaving is a free choice of every player , give him that . release the players from the prison " i cant leave cuz i get banned " . no more rage , flaming , wasting time afk or unplug your net connection just simply use your natural right to leave game as a kind of early or unipersonal "FF" . please all who read this leave a comment and a final sugestion for Styla :why not try for a while no ban leaving see how it is . thanks
  6. Please use the ban appeal panel. https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeals/ If you are banned here you can req. an unban. 1. Before you post check the BAN list . 2. If you are banned put a link with your last GAME. Here is an example with a game link: https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67165To know: Players from Garena must know : bot will show slots maxim 10/12 and never 12/12. So, if game is full they cant join (but arent banned). AFK is a valid reason to be banned. Players from Garena if they are disconnected from rooms (they are players with numbers nicknames instead of curent nickname) they can join in bot. To solve this issue go and restart the Garena client. If you are banned for MH, don't try to lie. We really can detect in 97% of cases!
  7. Hello mates. I want to know how to play the latest version of the dota imba legens map, I downloaded and unzipped the map in my war3 version 1.26a folder but I can not play it the map appears blank. If you can help me, I would thank you
  8. please unban my account ım from turkey , i playng imba please help me my account name : sahverdi1910 unban ipban please
  9. Greeting fellow Players... I would like to just share a tale of how things came to be... I am one of the few players with over 11000 IMBA games played, along with Ozealat, Archonpaladin, Zerith, MyLifeBeLike. Only 4000 odd on this server. We been playing IMBA together on twilightgaming.co.za for many years. MyLifeBeLike and I decided to start fixing issues that were not being sorted out on the map. He taught me a lot about the coding process and how to go about it. I remember my first overpowered skill I sorted out was PowerShot from Windrunner. Because of the double arrows fired, the damage was too excessive. So I halved both arrow damage. We created spells too. E.g. I named spells like OctoBeam from Wisp. Then came along ingame.ro MyLifeBeLike got into a discussion with Styla and work was done together, a calibration if you must. MyLifeBeLike gave up mainly because of the time it took up to fix bugs and no1 even said Thank you. All we received were conplaints about more bugs. Styla has done a brilliant job since then. People don't know the stress behind the scenes. But through all the years of experience. There is a reason why myself and Ozealat say this next comment every game. 'It's just a game, have fun.' Here is something from me: IMBA is NOT about winning, it's about having fun every game. It's not balanced and never will be. It's luck of the draw and you have to make best with the combos you are given. Too many players only care about winning. They have a long way to go to reach our level of understanding. I hope the above has broadened some players perspectives on IMBA and some history behind it. Keep well all and have fun. DS
  10. rofl not 1 game today server is up, where are the players?
  11. friend got autobanned for leaving after opposing team quit so he thought it was safe to quit. GN; GTR-RICER
  12. UPDATE: For latest changes please check the download>maps section Updated in V6.5e1: draft fixed.mekansm a bit strongeroverload removed, can't be picked.readded leoric stunmore stats fow webpagebalanr crash fixedfixed "This item belongs to" fixed veno skills4 iluss max for lancer (from 3).• Mekansm is weaker.• Less Lancer illusions.• Roshan give less stats.• Fixed Anti-MH issue.• Replaced Kodo buff(from bonus) with Arcane boots• Silencer steal intel, improved from 12% to 13%.• Lower chances to get Midas bonus item.• Added one more NC priest.• Gnome poison fixed• Butterfly (stack) less global damage. • Picked skills will be show in game stats page (stats page not yet updated). Updated in V6.5b:• Roshan got new toy. Updated in V6.5a:• Krob3 ulti fixed.Updated in V6.5:• Krob ulti added, the current damage is 40 damage per 0.5 sec per ghost• Wind ulti. Can be counter by linkin• Everybody gets their own courier!Updated in V6.4:• neutral re spawn timer set 25 sec (old 30)• web fixesUpdated in V6.3:• New neutral re spawn timer added• Scourge now be invul in their founten• Epicenter from sand king now has % chance to go off when you die instead of going off all the time(changed how it looked also)• Spinwebs from broodmother is like in dota 2 .. with no pathing you can walk where you want to when you are in them. also no more limits to how many webs you can have Updated in V6.2:• Added more neutral creeps.Updated in V6.1:• Fixed neutral respawn time to avoid farm abuse, 30 sec.• Inc Lycan ulti cd to 130/125/120• Inc Bloodseeker ulti cd to 160/155/150Updated in V6.0b16:• inc blood ulti cdUpdated in V6.0b15:• added amhUpdated in V6.0b8:• fixed tree eyes.Updated in V6.0b7:• removed Krobe ulti to avoid lag.Updated in V6.0b6:• rolled back rupture skillUpdated in V6.0b5:• removed roshan feast and huskar passive and addded regen and 550 range.• increase ench ulti dmg from 0.1 to random 0.75 (imba was 1.14)Updated in V6.0b4:• removed aleria ulti to avoid crash vs linken .Updated in V6.0b3:• roshan have blur +huskarpassive + feast.Updated in V6.0b2:• readded fountain pushback• roshan will drop 1 aegis and he got bash again + davion aura bonus anti heartstomper aura..Updated in V6.0b1:• You can’t use storm ulti into there spawn• New base system for spawn killing• Links now works again(hook,and arrow) but will bug with FF• Krob ulti added for testing• Pl images added for testing• New neutral creeps• Phoenix first two spells are fixed• Item pickup system to show you who’s item is who’s• Roshan buffed• WISP ulti removed for now will add it back later• AXE spin nerfed on axe• Rhasta wards will no longer count mines in his system and wards will spawn less and smaller Traps• Zealot buff exploit fixedAnd more...Updated in 5.0c7:• Deleted stupid command.Updated in 5.0c6:• Removed roshan pet.Updated in 5.0c5:• Nesaj crit like in 5L• Roshan die harder like in 5L• Roshan now gives 10% stats for MAXMANA/INT and 3 levels (no agi or str)• Lucifer ulti like in 5L.Updated in 5.0c4:Linken in 5.1f -5.1l is a great bug (charge fail, riky can blink, storm ulti immune, sladar ulti is not returned anb mby more) and more desyncs, mby Dreamseeka will fix them but now i will revert back to old and stable version with some changes after version 5.0c3:• Tiny Grow fix on all hero models• Pugna ulti reworked( doesn’t need channelling) but not work with aga.• Roshan now gives 3% to all stats MAXHP/MAXMANA/STR/AGI/INT and 3 levels• Rearm from 70 to 100 sec CD.• Storm ulti from 35% to 33% req. mana.• Nortom skill perma steal 14% intel instead of 10%5.1l:• Removed Kodos. (Invis based chars refrained from getting First Blood.)• Fixed S&Y• Rosh no longer gives item stats in a bonus also buffed him• Linken is being reworked, ATM it works with. CHARGE,FF,JUGGERULTI.• Improved :Magnus cleave at 150 dmg,Rearm From 120 to 100 sec CD.Storm ulti from 35percent to 33percent req. mana.• Removed bugged switch function who allow to atack allies.5.1g:• Roshan now gives 5% to all stats MAXHP/MAXMANA/STR/AGI/INT and 1 level.• Both pets slow ms.5.1f:Updated in 5.1f: U can now use -switch 1-10 host must type -switch on• Zealot fixed• Mekansm heal removed• Rearm cd change from 70 to 120• Pugna ulti reworked( doesn’t need channelling)• Roshan now gives 15% to all stats MAXHP/MAXMANA/STR/AGI/INT and 3 levels• U can now pick Skele's stun• Roshan now has timestop• Wisp now has relocate• Wind focus fire no longer bugs with link’s• Wind focus fire cannot target buildings• Wind focus fire with ulti stick cd up to 30• Doom ulti reworked• Rhasta Wards no longer kills them self on abba ulti• Rhasta wards spawn less traps• PotM has a new arrow• New Gem model• Tiny Grow fix on all hero models• Tips added for when you’re picking skills• Bristleback snot now shoots passively every 3sectks to MyLifeBeLike. removed -ci removed -kickquit added sexy sounds translated portuguese language roshan fixed automode sd+easymode improved: rearm,greed,powershot >credits to DarkDoomynerfed: magnus cleave(from 300 to 100), weaver passive, and Stars furry like in clasic imba.readded new clocl skill, split shot.
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