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 Know issues:

- some combinations of skills can't be picked (and are not forbidden combinations). 

- new heroes skills aren't balanced (too weak)

What's New in Version 6.63t14   See changelog


6.63t14- New command -cam xxx    to zoom in /out.

6.63v11- AMH version.



6.63t13 - Banned combo: Fiery Soul/Aftershock  + Voodoo Restoration

6.63v10 - AMH version 2

6.63t12 - Improved performance

6.63v9 - AMH version



6.63t8 - New pick rule: Zeus and Bane ulti are banned combo, minor fixes

6.63v8- Advanced Anti Map Hack version, Incompatible with changes made by ICCUP in the warcraft 3 engine.

6.63t6  - Beta version. Heartstopper aura nerfed when are more than 4 spires. I wait for the feedback.

6.63t5  - Fixed 2 bugs

6.63t4  - Fixed ms of few heroes

            - Infernals from warlock ulti will feed less gold

            - Bathrobe bug fixed.

            - Blademail do 20K DMG to roshan when he cast omnislash.

6.6t23 - Experimental map


         Invoker hero can be picked like that: Pick all his spells (only 3) , then first ulti for any random hero, then second ulti for any random hero. Then choose INvoker hero and you have all invoker spells + the first random ulti. The second random hero are replaced by Invoke spell.

         Invoke list work with  -invokelist or -i

         Some minor fixes.


         Invoker hero fixed and work like that: Pick all his spells + 1 random ulti for any other hero, then choose Invoker and you will get stock hero and the + stats.

         Broodmother hero available

         Griphon - have 1 (new) spell

         Magnelf - have 2 spells of meepo + 2 from roshan hero/boss

         Heartstop aura incresead a bit.

         Ogre ulti pickable.

         Blademail will return 10k DMG to roshan when cast Omnislash.

         All add's are untested! please let me know for any issue.

6.63s4 Minor fixes

6.63s3: Clock rocket and Liquid Fire are a banned combo, necro auro nerfed a bit (need tested), removed 'Freeze hero' option from base Circle. Roshan BM still no fixed. 

6.63s2: Minor fixes

6.63s: Invisible wall life extended, Untouchable nerfed, Roshan not immune to BM and Storm Ball ulti increased CD

r2 release is a test for stats saving mechanism. Just this.


Version r work with all w3 patches.

version p3 only with 1.26 bit more stable.

Changes in p3:

Axe spin 1/3 DMG.

Flame guard  minor increased dmg.


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@Aziz Anvarov state your War3 version, server, name of hoster, your IGN

PM if you need help

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· Edited by joxa9500

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почему не работает Imba lord карта и это часто происходят 







imba 2.png

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Aziz Anvarov

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The game crashes while loading the map :(

Response from the author:

only for iccup users!

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Davlat Rajabov

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Дравствуйте!Я прошу чтобы вы немедленно разблокировали меня.Мой ник:IMBA_GOD_2002

Вы забанили мой вай фай я не могу даже с других акков играть.Я потерял интернет соединение и вышел с игры, я сам не покидал.

Я жду с нетерпением!!!!!


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Эльмурод Тагаев

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здраствуйте почемуто меня забанили в имбе прошу чтобы меня разбанили ник: mustacho655


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